Find out how YOU can get involved with EMERGE in STEM!


  • Use the EMERGE in STEM Events calendar to find STEM events of interest to you!  Check out all the great STEM information found under Resources.
  • Ask your teacher about Learning Blade!


  • Visit our Events page regularly to find out about exciting STEM happenings in Guilford County that might be of interest to your student!  Also consider joining the Volunteer network in Guilford County to share your STEM experience with GCS students.
  • Ask your Middle School child if they are using Learning Blade!


  • Create awareness among your students and parents about the EMERGE in STEM Events calendar, and encourage organizations with STEM events to list them on our calendar.
  • Middle School Teachers:  Ask your Curriculum Facilitator about using Learning Blade in your classroom!


  • List your events on our Events page.  This includes apprenticeships, workshops, visits to schools, summer internships, etc.

STEM Programs

  • List your events on our Events calendar!