These resources can be used by teachers, parents, and students to explore STEM careers.  Explore!

PBS STEM Career Labs

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Check out this link to explore exciting STEM careers for all ages! You can search for a specific topic and age range in order to find videos geared to explaining different careers and topics to youth from K-12.

Grades 2-6 can explore careers from A-Z with the Lab Squad Kids who interview real professionals like Matt, a Jet Engine Mechanic, who discusses his career working on jet engines for large planes and David, a Video Producer, who talks how he creates “magic” in his career incorporating music, sounds, and special effects into his videos.

Grades 5-12 can delve a little deeper and learn about career and education options, such as working as a Video Game Programmer at the Game Innovation Lab and a Mechanic for the US Army.

Teachers can create virtual classroom events and use their many webinars to learn how to creatively bring science into their classroom. Students and teachers can explore the wide variety of engaging topics including dissection of a starfish, how to make colorful art without paint, and cracking your genetic code! There are a wide variety of interactive lessons that may spark an interest into the exciting opportunities available in STEM careers!

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Find a large database of women role models currently in STEM careers. Young women can utilize the diverse search engine to find a role model in exciting careers around the world! Each role model shares information about their careers, how they got into their career, and they can connect directly with these role models.  This is a great way for young women get exposed to other women in traditionally male STEM careers. Search for a local role model or a specific minority female role model, and connect one-on-one. You can even find a role model in a foreign country and learn about their career culture.

KEYWORDS: Women in STEM; Role Models

Learn all about women leaders in STEM careers, including rocket scientists, physicists and astronauts. Engage in their interactive coloring book highlighting women leaders in STEM careers. Learn about mentorship and fellowship programs available for young women in the field and upcoming mentorship events where young women can interact face-to-face with these career leaders. Read blogs about exciting developments by women in the field. Check out their “Five Fast Facts” pages on women who are pioneers in their field.

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Explore the exciting opportunities at NASA for women in STEM careers! Meet the many women that support NASA’s space exploration with science, technology, engineering, mathematics and space exploration! This website has engaging articles including, “They Really Do Exist! NASA’s ‘Ghostbusters’ Bust Myths About Careers in STEM,” and “NASA, American Girl Inspire Next Generation of Space Explorers.”  Click on the “Women @ NASA” link to read stories and inspiration from the women who work at NASA and how they contribute to space exploration.

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Learn about the women who make a difference in technology! See videos from leaders, like Elizabeth Blackburn, the Nobel Prize-Winning Biologist, as she discusses the challenges of being a woman in the science field, or Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman in space discussing gender and racial discrimination that she overcame in the space exploration field. Watch a documentary about the women who made America! You can search for videos by topic and by name.


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The SciGirls are young girls who have a series of exciting and entertaining videos on different topics, including frogs in “The Frog Whisperer” episode and different invertebrates in “The Invertebrate Lab” episode. There are videos in both English and Spanish! Girls can play interactive games, create their own SciGirl profile, and join the SciGirl Club. There’s a link to Citizen Science where students can help real scientific studies by joining a project and documenting things around them!

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The Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Program is an international science and education program that provides students and the public worldwide with the opportunity to participate in data collection and the scientific process, and contribute meaningfully to our understanding of the Earth system and global environment. Across the globe, schools are collecting data about their location including temperature, wind speeds, snow accumulation, soil temperature and soil moisture. This data is entered on the website and displayed in a colorful visual display of the world. Learn about the weather impacts in news articles and upcoming events across the world. Look up specific topics like, the history of aerosol optical thickness since 1995 in a specific location. Maybe your school can join the program and collect and report data!

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MySciCareer is a regularly updated resource of first-person stories about science careers that intends to flag up some of the diverse opportunities now available. You can look at the carousel of inspirational quotes from blog posts of different professionals in a science career. If you like a quote, clock on it to read the entire post. You can search the site by specific types of jobs, like research, policy, education, and more. You can also learn who held the last academic science position held by an author of a post. Leave comments for authors of the blogs to interact with them and others interested in the science community.


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Learn about hot topics in STEM, including listening to a talk about how STEM programs can affect the economy, and reading opinion articles calling scientists to action to share their experiences with youth and even an article on boosting diversity in biomedicine. Each article tackles different topics facing the STEM fields. Use the search engine to find additional stories about specific topics, people and careers in STEM.

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This interactive website provides students, teachers, parents, and businesses a lot of information about STEM careers. There are interviews with professionals in STEM careers, including a spotlight on a daily career such as meteorologist. There are exciting videos promoting STEM, like “The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth,” and “Science Career Ladder Video.” There are groups of video lectures on selected topics such as chemistry, physics, and environmental sciences. Look up colleges that have certain careers, and learn where those majors can take you!

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Citizen Science is a way for people of all ages and across the world to get involved with active research on a science topic. Search this site for your specific location, hobbies and interest to find a science research project that you can collect evidence to support. In North Carolina, there are projects to collect information about butterflies, biodiversity across the state, and even documenting clouds. You can submit your evidence and documentation to the research of a large project! You can also submit your topic for others to assist and collect evidence for you!

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A new visibility campaign for LGBTQ+ people and their allies working in STEM and STEM-supporting jobs — a group that collectively represents a powerful force of scientific progress and discovery.  Ensure the next STEM generation has LGBTQ+ role models; help the current generation recognize they’re not alone; create a database that facilitates diversity among speakers and panelists.

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The Black Girls Code mission:  to introduce programming and technology to a new generation of coders, coders who become builders of new technological innovation and of their own futures.  Black Girls Code was launched to provide young and pre-teen girls of color opportunities to learn in-demand skills in technology and computer programming at a time when they are naturally thinking about what they want to be when they grow up.  Imagine the impact that these curious, creative minds could have on the world with guidance and encouragement.


At, our social enterprise supports women in technical fields, as well as the organizations that employ them and the academic institutions training the next generation. A full roster of programs help women grow, learn, and develop their highest potential. We envision a future where the people who imagine and build technology mirror the people and societies for whom they build it. We connect, inspire, and guide women in computing, and organizations that view technology innovation as a strategic imperative.

National Center for Women & Information Technology

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The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) is the only national non-profit focused on women’s participation in computing across the entire ecosystem, helping more than 1,100 organizations recruit, retain, and advance women from K-12 and higher education through industry and entrepreneurial careers by providing support, evidence, and action.