Work Plan Summary

Data will be collected primarily from student participants, leaders of STEM mutually reinforcing activities (MRAs) and from constellation and galaxy partners. Online surveys and questionnaires will be used to automatically collect data. The website will be used for this purpose, and will be accessible from computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Students who participate in numerous STEM MRAs during the pilot will do pre- and post-assessments (with a first page that includes consent) for each formal intervention that requires registration. Students will answer basic demographic survey questions on only their first assessment within the pilot, and will be given a userID and password to keep their identity anonymous. Additional assessments will require only a login. The final student assessment will collect information about MRAs participation that did not include registration (such as teacher career discussions, school career counseling, industry presentations in the classroom, and others). Leaders of MRAs will enter data to catalog and advertise their events for the public in the calendar/events section of the website.

Two cohorts of students (URM and non-URM) will be identified. Both pre- and post- data points will be collected across all student participants using the MISO Upper Elementary S-STEM Survey and the MISO Middle/High S-STEM Survey. These survey instruments have been validated and will be administered to measure student awareness of career opportunities, attitude towards science, math, engineering and technology and 21st century skills, and interest in pursuing STEM careers.