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Learning Blade (LB) is available to all Guilford County Middle School students and teachers.

WHAT is Learning Blade?

  • LB is an online gaming software that teaches students STEM concepts and about STEM careers.
  • LB uses “missions” that require the student to put together a team to complete a mission. The student explores various STEM careers to put together an appropriate team.
  • LB is aligned to the NC Standard Course of Study Standards.
  • LB has a management system so that teachers can review student’s progress on assigned missions.
  • LB offers supplemental activities that can be completed either in class or at home.

WHY use Learning Blade?

  • Research has found that the Number 1 Reason students do not pursue STEM careers is that they do not know about them.
  • Recent studies indicate that 42% of Americans would have taken STEM courses if they would have understood the career path, and many students have STEM skills but lack interest in careers
  • Research indicates that middle school is the critical time when students are making decisions that affect their career path.



Learning Blade Mission Outline

Learning Blade contains 12 different missions which provide students with the opportunity to explore many different STEM careers.  The Mission Outline Diagram below lists the mission to the left, and the careers the students will be exposed to on the right.

LB Missions List

Dolphin Rescue Mission

The Dolphin Rescue Mission is one of the 12 missions available in Learning Blade.  The green circles in the diagram below indicate the many STEM careers the student will learn about while going through this mission.

Dolphin Rescue Mission Diagram

Learning Blade Success

Read about the success of Learning Blade in this presentation!