What is EMERGE in STEM?

Educating Minorities to Effectively Raise Graduation and Employment in STEM:

A pilot program that will measure how “STEM career exposure” will help students get on a STEM pathway to the workforce

Focused on STEM success for minorities and women (but all students are engaged)


What will students do?

Grades 6-8 will use Learning Blade gaming software (as directed by Teachers in school)

Participate in STEM interventions/activities both in-school and out-of-school

Complete pre- and post-surveys to assess STEM interest over the Pilot


Who is involved?

Students from Grades 4-12 in Guilford County Schools

NC A&T State University/UNC-Greensboro/Guilford Technical Community College

Chamber of Commerce/NC Department of Public Instruction/Industry

STEM Activity Directors/Leaders across Guilford County


When is the Pilot running?

From now till Dec 31, 2019. (official start Jan 1, 2018)


How will we know we have succeeded?

The surveys will show that students have greater interest in STEM, decide to continue STEM classes in high school, believe that they can succeed in STEM careers, and generally feel that they can succeed on STEM pathways to the workforce


Where can you find additional information about EMERGE in STEM?



Will STEM activities across Guilford County be included?

YES.  We have a calendar on EMERGEinSTEM.org that will list all STEM opportunities across the county for students, parents, and teachers


How can students, parents, teachers, industry, and STEM intervention leaders participate?

Visit the EMERGEinSTEM.org website

List your events for everyone to see

Companies can participate to grow STEM in Guilford County

Parents and other public organizations can participate to help STEM in Guilford County

Parents can use Learning Blade ‘Mission Challenges’ to engage with their children in STEM


How will local Guilford County industry benefit from this program?

More STEM-qualified students will emerge from GCS into college and the workforce, thereby enhancing companies in the area


Whom to contact for more details?

Dr. Greg Monty, NC A&T, 602-303-8827 cell, EMERGEinSTEM@ncat.edu, ghmonty@ncat.edu


What is the future for EMERGEinSTEM?

We expect to spread the success of EMERGEinSTEM to other counties in NC

We hope to be funded in an NSF Alliance into the future for National expansion (grant writing now)