EMERGE in STEM (EiS) is a collaboration of NC A&T State University and UNC-Greensboro to address broadening participation in STEM education in Guilford County Schools with the overarching goal to increase the diversity of the STEM workforce.

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Dr. Greg Monty, PI, NC A&T, Director of the Center for Energy Research and Technology, Common Agenda and Continuous Communication Thrust Leader, and Collective-Impact Framework leader. Dr. Monty will lead most major meetings and will help the group iterate a common agenda and work plan. Dr. Monty has major funding in his center from the NC Department of Environmental Quality, primarily focused on Science and Energy educational outreach to GCS. Dr. Monty has established strong relationships with GCS administration, GCS Regional Science coordinators, curriculum facilitators in each school, and the teachers themselves.

Dr. Malcom Schug, Co-PI, Senior Investigator, UNC Greensboro, Associate Professor and Head of Biology Department, Director of the RISE Network (Research and Instruction in STEM Education, focused on research, instruction, and outreach across UNCG departments), and MRA Thrust Leader. Dr. Schug will lead the MRA efforts including identification of MRAs in Guilford County, and helping them add career exposure elements to their agendas.

Dr. Margaret Kanipes, Co-PI, NC A&T, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Director for the STEM Center of Excellence and Active Learning (where Dr. Kanipes leads evidence-driven STEM education course redesign/implementation; as well as teaching, learning and student success innovations/interventions), and Shared Measurement Systems (SMS) Thrust Leader. Dr. Kanipes will develop the assessment and metrics process. Survey form development, information gathering from validated assessment tools and surveys, and reporting of data analytics will be led by Dr. Kanipes.

Dr. Steven Jiang, Co-PI, NC A&T, will provide statistical data analysis. Dr. Jiang will work closely with Dr. Kanipes and D. Whittington on the Shared Measurement System (SMS), data collection and management.

Dr. Vicki Foust, Senior Personnel, NC A&T, Center for Energy Research and Technology, Research Associate and Local Backbone Thrust Leader. Dr. Foust will provide Pilot project management and communications support, will build and manage the website, and will coordinate reporting and meetings.

Dawayne Whittington, Consultant, Strategic Evaluations, Inc. (SEI), is a STEM Educational Assessment expert with experience in collective impact, and is the Science-educator-grant External Evaluator for the Pilot. His role will include assessment design, program evaluation, and reporting on Pilot results and progress.