A broad network of strategic partners with strong diversity goals and varied perspectives from different sectors have been assembled for the EMERGE IN STEM pilot: the Guilford County K-12 School District, our community colleges, universities, local commerce and industry, an entrepreneurial ecosystem, an educational-software provider, state government and the NC Department of Education.

Constellation of Collaborators

The “constellation” diagram below illustrates that contributions from the school district, colleges and universities, local commerce, the entrepreneurial ecosystem, community organizations, state education organizations and assessment experts all play a critical role in EMERGE in STEM success. The dangling ‘connector lines’ represent the additional ‘stars’ to be added to the constellation, thus forming a complete “galaxy” of partners. Each constellation organization has knowledge of or are associated with mutually reinforcing activities (MRAs) to be added to the pilot, or have strong links to industry and entrepreneurs that depend upon a STEM-ready workforce to be successful.  Constellation members will identify and attract new “stars” into the “galaxy” as the pilot grows and the network adds capacity.

Constellation-Galaxy Diagram

Thinking Media logoSheila Boyington, Thinking Media, President, provider of Learning Blade software for grades 6-8. Thesoftware rollout has been coordinated and initiated with the PI and GCS. Initial LB introduction and training (for Math, Science, and English teachers) will take place in Summer 2017, with expanded use planned in the pre-award phase. Full support of LB will be provided through S. Boyington.




Guilford Co SchoolsAmy Holcombe, Guilford County Schools (GCS), Exec. Dir. of Strategic Planning & Technology. Key linkage into GCS, coordination using Learning Blade software in grades 6-8, alignment with teachers, administrators, and students throughout grades 4-12. Dr. Holcombe has worked with the PI in meetings with GCS leadership including: HR, Curriculum, IRB/Research Proposal process, Finance, Science Facilitators, and others in preparation for the EMERGE in STEM Pilot. Interaction with GCS is coordinated by Dr. Holcombe, as the first point of contact, with support from other educational professionals throughout the school system.


GTCC LogoAl Jones, Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC), Project Coordinator/STEM Navigator (NSF Award #1400792, LSAMP Bridge to the Baccalaureate: NC STEM Alliance (NCSA)). Dr. Jones leads numerous STEM MRAs in grades 11-14. The LSAMP project focuses on supporting URMs in completion of an Associate of Science/Engineering, or Applied Associate of Science degree, with a transfer to a 4-year institution in a STEM degree field.


GCC_AGLogofinalBrent Christensen, Greensboro Chamber of Commerce (GCoC), CEO. The GCoC provides primary connection to the industrial and entrepreneurial collaborators that will provide career expectations, knowledge, and exposure to STEM learners in GCS. The membership of GCoC is extensive, and will be a key element of capacity building for the Pilot.


Action-Greensboro-Logo2016Cecelia Thompson, Action Greensboro, Executive Director. This organization is part of GCoC and has a mission to work with the STEM supply chain to positively impact Greensboro and its companies.



Launch GSOLou Ann Flanders-Stec, Launch Greensboro, VP of Entrepreneurship. Ms. Flanders-Stec leads many efforts with the entrepreneurial ecosystem in GC, which has been vibrant and growing. Launch Greensboro represents an excellent connection into a growth sector of GC, and an exciting destination for many of our STEM pathway learners. Launch Greensboro members will be leveraged to provide career exposure elements to MRAs.


GSO Library LogoCarolyn Chappell, Greensboro Public Library, Chairperson, Board of Directors. The Library system provides out-of-school computer access to the community. GC STEM learners, may not have technology access at their homes, and will have that access in the Greensboro Library system to use LB, to use career-exposure online resources, and to complete assessments. The Library system also offers a wide variety of STEM MRAs to the community.


DPI LogoJoann Honeycutt, NC Department of Public Instruction (NC DPI), Director, Career and Technical Education.  Ms. Honeycutt coordinates STEM activities across NC for all public schools. Ms. Honeycutt will be instrumental in the dissemination (and Alliance scaling) of EMERGE in STEM results and successes across the state, and nationally through STEM organizations that she interfaces with.





nc stemSam Houston, NC STEM, Science and Mathematics Technical Education Center, Director. Dr. Houston coordinates STEM activities across NC with NC DPI. NCSTEM.org has an existing website that the Pilot will link to, coordinating and aligning activities from EMERGE in STEM. Collaboration with NC STEM helps the Pilot broadly disseminate results and successes across the state and nation.


STEM-Early-College-SealJamisa Williams, GCS STEM Early College, Principal, will provide high-level STEM guidance for the Pilot efforts in GCS. The Early College has been recognized as one of less than 15 ‘STEM Schools of Distinction’ in NC. The STEM Early College for grades 9-12 has extensive knowledge of the STEM education process in-school and out-of-school in GC. Dr. Williams will provide leadership to connect high schools across GCS, and to identify key MRAs in the region.